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Commercial Property Owners & Contractors can receive aerial and ground imagery packages to document your building, landscaping and property boundaries used in business acquisitions, land development and insurance policies/claims.

Orthomosaic 2D Maps are extremely high resolution maps made from hundreds or thousands of images. They are not stitched together, but interlaced at the pixel level, and offer high accuracy linear and area measurements and visually detectable scientific data.

Thermal Imagery with a FLIR sensor documents surface temperatures using false color indexes. Heat loss and water leakage areas are detected during aerial inspections.

Ecliptic Imagery is a commercial drone/UAV/remote pilot service for aerial photography, drone video and videography, commercial UAV services and a serious menu of visual media productions including 3D models, drone mapping, custom virtual tours, Google Street View Tours and Google Maps updates. Pilot direct stock media collection for aerial footage. From here, the view is breathtaking.


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